Will You Give Yourself Permission to Change?
Is it too late to change jobs? Is it too late to save a relationship? Is it too late to start planning for retiremenIn fact, life becomes stagnant when you get stuck in a rut. Learn how to open your heart to new possibilities .Continue reading
by Valorie Burton

Simplify Your Life
In this fast-paced world, many of us make life much more complicated than it needs to be. These strategies will help you simplify your life. Continue reading

Translate your Dreams into Reality
Stop waiting for life to come to you. Tap into your passions, unleash your dreams, and live the life you were always meant to live. Continue reading

How to break the Perfectionism Habit
Do you keep putting off goals because the timing isn’t just right? Is it difficult to end any project because you’re still putting the finishing touches on it? Do your family or co-workers accuse you of being impossible to please? Continue reading

In Praise Of Failure
As counter-intuitive as this sounds given the massive failure of global financial institutions and the despicable revelations about executive payouts in companies like Lehman Brothers and AIG, much can be learned from failure. In fact, our very reluctance to admit that something is NOT working is one of the reasons for our current protracted wars, severe financial meltdown, and no wide and deep commitment to develop alternative energy sources. Continue reading

Power of a Vision: Setting Effective Goals
Think about those family or personal projects that you want to start … Or, the new-year resolutions that you promised yourself a few months ago. How many of them are considered "smooth sailing" and in good progress, if not already accomplished? Continue reading

Embracing Change

Four Steps to Direct Communication

Managing Stress with Massage Therapy

Staying Positive in a Negative Environment

Your Goals: Why are You Procrastinating?

The Distracter Factor

Living From Your Heart

Managing Your Emotions

Goal Planning: Advantages and Strategies

Integrity: The Key to Achieving Success

Three Ways to Embrace Mistakes as Life's Lessons

Creating Environments that Nurture Success

Disk Full: Some Information May Be Lost

Write Powerful Mission and Vision Statements

Navigating Life's Transitions

Personal Goal Setting

Three Components of Successful Change

Five Tips for Exciting Speeches

Assessing the Year

From Perfection to Excellence

Mastering the Art of the Gracious "NO"

The Rule of Three

Living in a Time-Starved World

What are You So Busy About?

Improve Your Communication Skills

Beat the Time Trap

10 Great Ways to Feel Your Best - Every Day

Efficiency versus Effectiveness

Building Dependability

Balance: The Challenge of the Century

Achieving Lasting Success

Invest in Yourself

Tools For Enforcing Personal Boundaries

7 Lessons For Your Life and Business

Do The Right Things

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Embracing Change

Confront Fear Head On

The One-Day-at-a-Time Technique

Use Your Unique Abilities to Shake The World

End the Paperwork Nightmare

George and Friends Showcase Success
A story of inspiration from the Special Olympics.

Shortcuts Through Life
Sometimes it's more important to savor the moment.

The Art of Forgiveness

Build Your Stress Tolerance

Why Should I Improve My Speaking Skills?

Release Your Creativity
Discover the secret of unleashing inner creativity.

Conquer Your Fears
Overcome the fears that hinder you from reaching your potential.

Embracing Excellence
Shun mediocrity and embrace faith, courage and excellence in everything you do.

Run to Win
Find out how you can let go of the past, focus on the future, and never give up on your dreams.

Your Creativity Tool Chest - Learn how to capture your ideas

Attributes of a Leader

Learn to Stop Procrastinating - NOW!

Discover your Passions and Purpose


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