Ten Top Tips To Tip The Scales Your Way

by Moss Greene

1. Create Your Own Virtual Reality

Do you think of yourself as fit or fat? If your answer is fat, anything you do to try and change that will be a futile struggle. Learn to imagine yourself as slender, fit and energetic. When the "fit" vision dominates your thoughts, you will easily start to become what you imagine.

2. Eat Nutritious Whole Foods

Permanently changing the way you eat to a healthy diet of low fat protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and 100% whole grains is the best way to reach and maintain your optimum weight. Add natural whole food nutritional supplements and you're on your way to slender, buoyant, vibrant good health.

3. Eliminate Most Simple Carbohydrates

Processed grains, sugar and other foods that cause a high glycemic response are the biggest saboteurs of your weight management plans. The resulting insulin release causes you to store fat and crave sugars. Follow my Glycemic Response Guidelines for the best results.

4. Drink Plenty fo Pure Liquids

Clean water is the perfect drink. Eight glasses a day is a good basic guideline and helps you to feel full. If you want something sweet to drink, you can always add several drops of liquid stevia (a sweet tasting non-caloric herbal extract) to either herb tea or lemon water.

5. Move Your Body - Build Muscle

Exercise and a good lean muscle to fat ratio helps to keep your metabolism working optimally. It also benefits your bones, heart and your whole body. So move your body as much as possible. Walk, garden, ride your bike, climb stairs or pump some iron. Exercise, or just be active in any way you can that makes you feel good.

6. Increase High Fiber Foods

Besides being good for your intestines and heart, and for protecting you from certain kinds of cancers, fiber also makes you feel full and satisfied. If you need more than you're getting in your diet, try adding a daily fiber drink of unsweetened psyllium and mixed nutritional fibers.

7. Cut Out Bad Fats, Add Good Ones

High levels of saturated fats, processed vegetable oils and trans-fatty acids, are bad for your health. Plus, they add empty calories to your diet. Stick with small amounts of organic butter for cooking, virgin olive oil for salads and eat more fish and whole grains for the good quality omega-3 and omega-6 oils.

8. Enjoy Doing It Your Way

Studies show that most of the people who are successful with weight management adjust whatever plan they are using to suit themselves. If your program says have five meals a day, but four suits you better, then do what works for you.

9. Have a Simple, Organized Plan

When you find out what works for you, work your plan. Find recipes you like. Have healthy foods available at all times. When you go to a restaurant, take your favorite salad dressing and fruit along for dessert. Stay on top of your program.

10. Forgive Yourself and Move On

Guilt, self-pity and irritation have no useful value. When you stray from your plan, don't waste any time feeling bad. Talk yourself into feeling positive about your action instead of negative. Then get right back on purpose. Remember, you deserve to be fit, trim and healthy.


Moss Greene is the Host of the award winning Nutrition at
. You can learn how to look and feel fabulous at www.bellaonline.com/site/nutrition. Join her free health and fitness newsletter by going to www.bellaonline.com/articles/art3859.asp



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