Ten Reasons to Get Off Synthetic Hormones and
Switch to Natural Hormones

By Dr. Helen Pensanti

In recent years, many doctors have been advocating that women switch from synthetic hormones to natural hormones. In this issue, Dr. Helen Pensanti warns of the medical risks of synthetic hormone therapy.

1. Premarin is not "natural" to the human body. It is made from pregnant mares urine. The generic name for Premarin is conjugated equine estrogen.
2. In 1995, The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published an article stating that not only long-term, but short-term use of Premarin had a 40% percent risk of acquiring breast cancer!
3. 1995 Nurses' Health Study (one of the largest studies done to date): Women taking synthetic estrogen alone had a 36% increase in risk of breast cancer; those on synthetic estrogen plus progestin had a 50% increase; those on progestins alone had a 240% increase of breast cancer. Women who, at the time of the study, had been taking estrogen and progestin for 5-10 years had a 45% increase in their risk of breast cancer.
4. 1995 Nurses' Health Study: the older a woman was, the higher the risk. Women between the ages of 60 and 64 who had been taking synthetic hormones for five years or more had a 71% increased risk of developing breast cancer.
5. Mainstream medical doctors use the rationale that elevated cancer risks are balanced by the fact that these estrogens protect against heart disease and osteoporosis. In April 2000, a federal study of 25,000 women published in the New York Times indicated that conventional hormone replacement therapy may put women at a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.
6. The estrogen, "estriol" is completely missing from some forms of conventional hormone replacement therapy. In the female human body, estriol is the estrogen that is found in the greatest amount compared to estrone and estradiol. Over 80% of this natural tri-estrogen is estriol in females. Studies have shown that estriol protects the body from the more carcinogenic estrone and estradiol and is especially protective against breast cancer!
7. The percentages of estrone and estradiol found in Premarin are much greater than the levels your body produces naturally. This leads to hormone imbalance.
8. The "patch" contains 100% estradiol which is the most potent of all the estrogens found in the female body, It contains no estrone and no estriol. If you look in the Physician's Desk Reference under listing for the patch which is sold under several brand names, you will see, in large print, the following statement: ESTROGENS HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO INCREASE THE RISK OF ENDOMETRIAL CARCINOMA IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN.
9. 2000 Physician's Desk Reference (PDR): Side effects of Premarin: Endometrial cancer, breast cancer, blood clots, uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, weight gain, mental depression, edema, changes in libido, gallbladder disease.
10. A side effect of synthetic hormones is weight gain, especially around the middle, hips, and thighs (the classic "pear- shaped" weight gain). The average weight gain I saw in women who were placed on synthetic hormones was between 20-30 pounds, sometimes even more!

© 2000 Copyright Helen Pensanti, M.D.
Reprinted with permission


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