Trusting God

By Kimberley J. Payne

This morning as I was getting the children ready for school, I helped them prepare breakfast and pack their lunches. I reviewed spelling words with them and ensured their homework was collected in their backpacks. I had seen the weather forecast for the day and knew it was going to remain cool all day. I suggested they wear sweaters and layer with a fall coat for the brisk walk to the bus stop. My kids chose to ignore my advice. My son decided that all he needed was a t-shirt; no hat, no mitts, no sweater, no coat.

I remember learning from Barbara Coloroso that if it isn't dangerous or morally threatening, I should let them do it. I stated my case that I believed it in their best interest to bundle up.

They chose to ignore me and so off we went to the bus stop. It's a full kilometer (a little over half a mile) walk to the top of a treeless hill and the wind can feel like a knife slicing through the skin. My children endured the cold until halfway, when I presented them with the jackets I had quietly carried under my arm. They took them without complaint, and I bit my tongue from saying, "I told you so."

It reminded me of my relationship with God. What I was asking my children to do was to trust me. Trust Mom to have their best interests at heart. Trust Mom to know what she is talking about. Even though they didn't know that I had read the outdoor thermostat upon waking up in the morning, and I had reviewed the day's forecast, I wanted them to trust me. By ignoring me, they were saying that they didn't believe I knew what was best for them and that in fact they did. What they knew was that yesterday it was a warm enough day for short-sleeves. What they knew was that it was warm enough in the house to wear short-sleeves. Therefore, they felt informed enough to make their own decision on what to wear outside.

I do the same with God. Many times I take a concern to God and He says, "Trust Me." But I rely on what I know of yesterday, and how I feel today, and so I make decisions based on this. I find it difficult to understand God's plan. Yet He knows the future. And He has my best interests in mind.

Too many times I forge ahead of Him, thinking that I know better, I can handle it better. I don't fully trust Him. And so instead of leaving the house in a warm sweater and jacket, I stumble into the cold with short-sleeves, determined that my way is the best way.

Thank God that He loves us more than a parent loves her child. He is always waiting, ready to offer us a warm coat. He stands waiting to protect us and take care of us. And He rejoices when we look to Him as our Provider. He never says, "I told you so." He embraces us with love time and time again. He is patient and forgiving.

We can thank God that when we act like little children, He still loves us and cares enough to take care of us. As the psalmist wrote, "The Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him" (Psalm 32:10).

Kimberley J. Payne is a writer, speaker, and the author of Fit for Faith, which empowers women to become more spiritually and physically healthy. She has designed and implemented employee wellness programs which have been featured in Shape and Wholelife Magazines, and counseled individuals on weight control, stress management, self esteem improvement and overall wellness. Kimberley writes a devotional column, Today's Faith, which is published in several newspapers, and a health and fitness column for a national newspaper.
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