The Best Day Ever

By Paula Friedrichsen

My father traveled from Southern California a few weeks ago to go skiing with his friends. This is an annual event, in which he and several of his racquet-club buddies stay at a local hotel, dine out, and ski until they drop. And because this trip is planned far in advance, they go regardless of the snow conditions. This particular week there was just a small amount of man-made snow. When I asked him how the skiing was, he informed me "It was the best day ever!"

Dad has been skiing for over forty years, in every imaginable condition. He has skied in whiteout blizzards, where you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. He has skied in brilliantly sunny days of fresh powder and no crowds. I remember skiing with him as a teenager and waiting in agonizingly long lift lines (this was before the days of high speed chair lifts). He has skied in temperatures too cold for any human (in their right mind) to be outside. Regardless of the circumstances or conditions, whenever I asked, "How was skiing Dad?" - he always responded the same way, "It was the best day ever!"

Skiing is not the only thing that makes Dad happy. He has the same positive attitude about his job. For twenty-five years he was a fireman, and if you asked him how he liked it, he would tell you that it was "the best job ever!" After retiring from the fire department, he became a licensed contractor. And again, if you were to ask him how he liked being a builder, he would tell you that it was a wonderful job and he loved it!

Dad's attitude towards life has taught me an invaluable lesson: life holds such hope and promise for the person who positions his attitude for joy and success. One of the definitions for the word "attitude" is perspective. And I have had the pleasure of being raised and loved by a father who usually chooses to stay in a positive frame of mind - which helps him to face each new situation expecting the best outcome.

Maintaining this positive, happy attitude has not always been easy for Dad, either. On occasion he has been negative or grouchy (hiding his face in a book, refusing to say even two intelligible words to my mother. But he always pulls himself out of it and works himself back to that optimistic place of rejoicing in life.

When I was about eleven, Dad gave me a poster with a quote by Abraham Lincoln: "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." I can certainly attest to the fact that a positive attitude (in addition to the most important component to happiness - a personal relationship with God) opens the door and rolls out the red carpet - for joy.

When it comes to a happy, positive outlook on life - take it one day at a time:

Today the sun is shining; fresh snow blankets our small town like a spotless white carpet; I have a family that loves me; my fat little lap dog is asleep by the fire; a chicken is roasting in the oven, perfuming the house with an intoxicating aroma - and you know what? It's the best day ever!

Paula Friedrichsen is a Christian speaker and newspaper columnist from Mammoth Lakes, California. Her seminar, "The Abundant Life" is a three-fold teaching designed to lead people into greater fulfillment - spiritually, physically, and relationally. To find out more about this seminar or other topics that Paula presents, visit her website at or call 760-935-4295.

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