Get Them to Buy From You

By Sue Reader

E-commerce is booming. Are they buying from your site? People are buying books to CDs on the Internet. They make travel arrangements - airplane tickets or motel accommodations. They are buying pizza, gift certificates, cars, computer equipment, software, cameras, flowers, and auctioned items - all purchased online.

Tens of millions of other Internet users are using the Internet to purchase these things and more. That is a huge reason why you should open up your shop too. E-commerce is not in trouble but is intensifying each year.

The media can portray e-business in two ways. The first projection suggests that taking a business online is sheer folly. The second story suggests that opening an Internet business means, similar to starting any business, spending a fortune to simply get your product online.

The fact is Internet success stories usually involve regular businesspeople selling great products on professional websites built with reasonably priced e-commerce solutions.

E-commerce levels are growing massively across the Net. More than half the U.S. population is now online. Millions of Internet users turn to the Internet to shop every day. Sites that are selling products and building up a loyal base are the businesses that are achieving profitability.

The plain simple fact is consumers are buying online. If you have a solid product or service, then one key to Internet success is to allow them to find you easily and make it effortless for them to buy from you.

So what are shoppers looking for? E-commerce is not about website bells and whistles. Nor is it about having the lowest prices on the Web. You don't need a huge team of marketing gurus.

Consumers continually shop websites where their expectations are met, where the benefits are clear, and where their needs are satisfied quickly and conveniently. It's not so much about the best technology as it is about convenience and credibility.

Too many websites force customers to run obstacle courses. They shun sales because of their unreliable website and unprofessional appearance.

Successful Internet Business is conducted on sites that are easily found, easy to navigate, and that streamline the shopping experience into an efficient, orderly system - professional all the way. Informative sites that provide toll-free service numbers, have rapid customer support by email or phone, and precise shipping details. They supply facts and the necessary compensation consumers need to make an informed decision.

Successful e-commerce means bringing a human face to a faceless medium - but it's also about convenience and flexibility: shoppers want a site with options - and they want to pay with their credit cards, get instant verification, and know the transaction will be safe.

Achieving this end takes relentless dedication. Profit and growth require that no ingredient be left out of the formula. Building a successful business involves a plan - every step of the way.

More than one great business idea has run aground on poor web design or lack of direction. Inventory never moves without solid business marketing and direction. Fantastic websites are never found by accident.

Building a website will need an initial investment of time and money. You do not need a fortune to get the wheels in motion. With everything, you do get what you pay for. Bargain basement solutions heed words of caution as results can be brutal: lost sales, server downtime, hidden charges, inhibited growth, poor customer service, abandoned shopping carts, and the look of a second rate website.

People are buying on the Internet. They shop from credible websites that instil security. Build a proficient site and they will shop from you.


© 2001 Sue Reader
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