Freedom versus Feminism
by Judy Rushfeldt

  • Learn how feminism has fostered self-defeating attitudes.

  • Develop the character, courage and confidence you need to reach your greatest potential.

A practical guide to change from the inside out, Freedom versus Feminism will help you define and fulfill your purpose.

You'll Learn to:

  • Identify your self-defeating attitudes and habits.
  • Define your values and priorities, and harmonize your decisions and actions with what's truly important to you.
  • Change your life by changing yourself.
  • Unlock your purpose and potential.
  • Overcome inner obstacles like fear and guilt.
  • Minimize stress.
  • Develop courage and confidence.
  • Connect with God, and learn how to receive answers to your prayers.

Freedom versus Feminism is a practical guide to reaching your potential from the inside out. You'll learn how to overcome self-doubt, fear about what people think, intimidation and inferiority. You'll be inspired to invest your talents and gifts to lead a more passionate, purpose-filled life.

Here's what others are saying about Freedom versus Feminism:

"Judy Rushfeldt compares feminism with the true freedom found in a personal relationship with God. You'll be challenged and inspired as you read this book."
- Dr. Beverley LaHaye, Chairman of Concerned
Women for America

"It's a great book - it will make a difference in your life."
- Willard Thiessen, President of Trinity Television and Host of "It's a New Day."

"Every one of us desires to reach our full potential and become the woman God intended us to be…this book will help you do just that! Through Judy's thorough research plus her powerful, real-life stories, she shares her personal journey and exposes some of the myths about today's feminism. She provides practical "how-to's" that we can all embrace to find true inner freedom. Whether you are just discovering your need for genuine inner peace, or if you are wanting to pursue closer relationships with loved ones, family or God, this is an absolute must-read."
- Karen Taylor, Compassion Canada





Bad Men
& Good Girls

A Vision
of Freedom

Paradise Lost

The Liberator



The Strong,

Is God a

Freedom &
Role Choices

Power to Serve

Freedom &

Our Differences

Liberty &

This is a book I wish I'd found 25 years ago, when I was immersed in a feminist world view. Rushfeldt tackles sacred cows from the feminist...belief system and sets them on their ear. Having quoted Jesus, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free", she outlines biblical truth, so different from the propaganda we've been exposed to over the past few decades."
- Jody Smith, Senior Managing Editor for Ncubator Christian Resource Directory (For the full text review, click on this link:

"This is an excellent book - it's great for men to read, too."
- Joan Dewert, Host of LifeLine Television Program

"In her book, Rushfeldt sets out to provide a fundamental remedy to the damage caused to women's lives as a result of the lies and unreality of radical feminism. Careful to distinguish between 'equity feminism' … and the radical feminism of today, she exposes contradictions in the latter. Among them are the inversion of every-day irritants and real injustices and a tendency to lowered self-esteem as we seek self-worth in the ever changing roles we play rather than discovering and accepting femininity as a gift from God."
- Kathline Nitsch, Catholic Insight Magazine

"An excellent book…All women should read this book whether or not they believe the freedom that God can give, because after reading this book you certainly will believe. Very informative and enjoyable."
- N. Henry, The Plowman Press

"This book provides a wealth of anecdotes, quotations and statistical evidence of radical feminism and its effects on women, children and society. Rushfeldt suggests that one of the ways that feminism hurts women most is by promoting victim consciousness….Freedom versus Feminism provides insightful scriptural discussion on issues many women grapple with."
- The Christian Herald

"Judy has written an exceptional book that traces the birth of the feminist movement, then follows its rise and diversion from the original purpose. I always wondered how I could hold to some of the ideals of classical feminism and yet feel so mis-represented by those who claim to be advocates of women's rights. This book provides excellent insight into these issues. It is well researched and easy to read. It provides a balanced and powerful view of true femininity and freedom. It is a must-read for people who are concerned about true equality and freedom for all women and men."
- Dianne Johnston, Business Entrepreneur

"In her book, Judy Rushfeldt convincingly opens for us the door to absolute freedom, having undergone this transformation in her own life. She shows us that there is simply no limit to the freedom and potential a woman can unlock by giving her life to the One who created her and allowing His supernatural power, anointing and ability to be expressed through her life. You will enjoy this book immensely."
- Julene Schroeder, Minister, Speaker, Writer

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