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Find the Perfect Swimsuit for your Body Type

By Juliana Day

Bathing suit season is finally here. I don't know about you, but this time of year I cram my fridge with cottage cheese and baby carrots. I just had my second child, and I need HELP when it comes to the fine art of camouflage. I did some research on the best suits for different shaped figures, and though I know most of us have perfect bodies (ha!), I thought I'd share my findings.

Large Bust

The nursing mother has plenty to show up top. Whether you're nursing or just plain busty, you can minimize your overflowing cups with spaghetti straps or wide straps on your swimsuit or bikini. (Though most busty women have already from hard experience that unless you are trying out for a spot on "Baywatch", there are slim pickings for full coverage in the bikini top department).

Busty women can also try a sports top. These tops keep everything in place and add the comfort of full coverage.

Small Bust

Ah! The freedom of the small bust! To give yourself a little boost in this department, try the vast array of padded bikini tops available. If you prefer something with a little more coverage, try suits with a horizontal neckline or bloused top. This will draw attention to your shoulders and give the illusion of a fuller bust.

Long Torso

Shorten a long torso by employing the use of horizontal stripes on a bikini. This will allow the eye to focus on the top and bottom, not the middle. A sports top will also camouflage a long torso by creating a more uniform look.

Short Torso

Surprise, surprise: vertical stripes.

Wide Shoulders

Choose a swimsuit or bikini with a halter top. Thick straps up top help make shoulders look more proportional.

Belly Bulge

Hey sister, nothing to be ashamed of. I'm there myself; it's just not the most fun thing to show off at the beach. Try an empire waist. You will find it draws attention to the bust line and slims the tummy area. Also, choose solid, dark-colored swimsuits for a more streamlined look. Some women like the look of a V neckline as it draws the eyes up towards the bust and the face.

Heavy Hips, Thighs and Backside

Employing a pretty skirt or shorts is a fun way to dress up a swimsuit while hiding heavy hips, thighs and backside. A bloused top also creates proportion and helps minimize the look of heavy legs.

Short Legged

A high cut leg on a swimsuit elongates your glamorous gams. A solid one-piece suit creates an elongating affect on the petite gal and doesn't break up the body (causing the body to look shorter). Stay away from shorts and skirts on the bottom as they tend to make you appear shorter.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect beach side apparel:

  • While trying on suits, notice where you eye is first drawn to on the suit. This will let you evaluate how flattering (or not) it is. You want your eyes to be drawn to your best features.

  • Accentuate an hourglass figure with a belt or band across the smallest part of your waist.

  • Choose something comfortable! Take a few steps, stand up, sit down, twist and turn to determine whether or not you will be tugging or pulling at your swimsuit all day.

Swimsuits are a tricky business, but by employing these simple tips, you should have no problem finding something perfect for your body type.




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