Hot New Looks for Fall

By Juliana Day

New make-up and fashion looks this fall feature more choices than ever before. Whether it be the new navy eye shadows and glossy lip colors, or the romantic ruffled blouses and man-tailored jackets - there are endless inexpensive options for updating your wardrobe and cosmetics to reflect your one-of-a-kind style.

What's HOT in Make-up

According to "In-Style" the following are great looks for fall 2002:

  • Don't ditch the bronzer yet. Fall is the perfect time to cling to those fleeting days of summer: natural looking bronze skin tone is still a hit.

  • Navy Shadow - so hot with a pale, glossy lip color.

  • Peach! Try a cream blush; be careful to blend well. Peach eyes are beautiful when accented by burgundy.

  • Berry lips and silvery shadow. Always be sure that one feature gets center stage so the face will not be too made up or overpowering.

  • Smokey grey eyes with a nude, matte lip color. If you attempt this combination, be sure your eyes would make people look twice. Take your time to apply eye shadow and lip color perfectly. The eyes take center stage with this look!

What to Give Up:

  • Light blue eye shadow: Many women make this mistake. Your friends may have "oohed" and "ahhed" when light blue shadow first came out, but that was a long time ago. It's time to give it up!

What's Hot in Fall Fashions:

According to Vogue Magazine, these are the top 10 fashion looks for fall:

  • Man-tailored jacket. These lovely fitted jackets create beautiful lines; at the same time, they hide unflattering bulges.

  • Skinny jeans. The most flattering are the low-waisted jeans with a flair at the bottom.

  • Romantic Blouse. It doesn't have to be all white ribbons and lace. Be creative, use accessories, and dress up a classic button down-shirt with a set of over-sized pearls.

  • Sporty Parka. Faux-fur lined hoods are hot with softer colors.

  • Sweet-looking Retro Dresses. Not toothache sweet, just pretty. Loose and flowing, but still feminine and beautiful. For true originals, you may want to check out a few eclectic consignment stores.

  • Leather Jacket. A tough looking jacket that's soft to the touch will do the trick!

  • Big Bag. Try tweed if you're adventurous.

  • Elegant Dress. Lean towards the more conservative styles with beautiful fabrics and long hemlines.

  • Tall "these-boots-are-made-for-walkin'" Boots! Always a hit!

  • Smart Coats - like the classic white trench.

What to Give Up:

  • Tapered jeans! These were hot when I had legs like toothpicks. Thank goodness for the kinder, gentler version with the flair.

Now that you have a few guidelines, rummage through your closet and decide what pieces to add. You don't need to spend much money to update your look. Consignment stores carry some of the great classic looks, and for make-up products, drugstore brands will work just fine. Have fun…style is a state of mind, so don't be afraid to bend the rules to create a one-of-a-kind look just for you!

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