Hot Fashion Tips for Spring

By Juliana Day

Spring is finally here! It's time to dust off your duds and get back into style. When I don't know what to wear, I don the good old faithful black get-up: square toed black zip-up boots, slim black pants, skinny black belt with a small brushed silver buckle and a black button down shirt or turtle neck.

I know exactly what you're thinking, because I have the same thought - how boring! But for a mom who doesn't always have much time, it works. And by the way, I don't go for the idea that "blue is the new black". Come on, black is always black, blue is in fact blue, and they're not changing any time soon.

Some of us simply can't wear these new "black" colors, but I've never met anyone who can't pull off black, especially with a pair of hot red lips to accessorize.

Well, that's it for my fashion advice, which I realize isn't much. So I decided to go to the experts to find out what's hot for Spring 2002.

Tips for Mature Tastes

For those with more mature tastes, I interviewed Diane Hobson, owner of the stylish boutique, Presenting Italy.

Blouses are back!

After years of being out of the spotlight, blouses are at the front of the fashion parade this spring. Try anything ultra-feminine such as lace, sheer or linen. The best way to update your suit for the office is to add a ruffled blouse for high impact.

Wide Stripes and Wide Pants

Try that adorable sailor look - yes, that's back in style too. Choose bright red, white and navy and have fun mixing and matching.

Capri Pants

For those who dress for comfort, you'll be relieved to know that Capri pants are still hot. For a change, wear your Capri pants with lightweight wools and linen blends.

Tips for the Young and Young at Heart

For those with more youthful tastes, I interviewed Amy Alexander, Assistant Manager of Urban Women in Calgary. Here's her advice:

The Prairie Look

The peasant top with denim and lace is hot for spring 2002. Ms. Alexander suggests a "designed denim" - for example, a dirty jean. For jewelry try the Vintage and turquoise variety to add spice to your wardrobe.

Stiletto Boots & "Jay Lo" Suits

The "in" boot (I cringe as I think of my tender tootsies) is the Stiletto. And for the slightly more adventurous, Velour track suit a la the singing, acting diva Jennifer Lopez - these things are actually called "Jay Lo suits." They include a bright pink hoodie and flare pants. (Who says you can't dress for comfort and style? Perhaps the person who invented torture devices such as the stiletto.)

More Hot Looks

Popular items at Jeff Renton's Divine Clothing store include reworked jean skirts, puma shirts (muscle shirts - no sleeves), and three-quarter length dresses and skirts in stretch cotton fabrics. Small, tight hoodies are popular with the younger crowed, as well as ultra feminine thin, nylon blouses.

Now you're equipped to go out and grab those spring must-haves or rifle through your closet for the next best thing. Whatever you decide, think "prairie-chic" and have a great time!

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