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How to Produce Homemade Masks and Remedy Creams
a step-by-step guide

By Rabi Rew

Regardless of age, we all want to have glowing skin. But with all of the chemicals swirling around and the animals testing involved in the of making cosmetic products and creams, women have started paying more and more attention to natural skin care. Homemade remedies and DIY creams are not only easy to make, but are sometimes cheaper than store-bought products. Here is a step by step guide to glowing skin with homemade creams and treatments.

Step 1: Natural Skin Scrub

The most common and handy natural skin scrub is oatmeal. Using 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and 3 of warm water or milk, make a simple scrub in a bowl. Let the oatmeal soak in liquid for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, apply the scrub all over your face using circular motions. Massage for about 2 minutes and rinse well. Don't forget to avoid the eye area with any face treatment.

Step 2: Ex-foliating with HomeMade Mask

Although a good scrub will help you get rid of a majority of dead skin cells, it's good to ex-foliate with a mask every now and then. You can make an easy ex-foliating mask using one whole lemon. Cut the lemon in two and squeeze one half of it. Peel the second half of the lemon and put it in a blender. Blend the juice and the lemon chunk until you get a smooth paste. Again, avoiding the eye area, apply the lemon paste all over your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse well with water.

Step 3: Making Your Own Face Cream

You will need 1/4 cups of the following ingredients: olive oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil and vitamin E oil. Don't forget about 1 cup of hydrosol (whichever you prefer), 1/16 cup of beeswax pastilles and coconut oil and 1/2 cup of Aloe Vera gel. Also keep at hand about 15 drops of essential oil of your choice. Of course, all ingredients must be organic.

Put all of the oils in a saucepan and blend them together on low heat. When the oils are warm, melt the beeswax in another pan until they reach liquid state. Take a bowl and mix the aloe gel with your hydrosol. Take a heat proof pan and fill half of it with water. Using a Pyrex measuring jug set, pre-warm the water in the pan.

Take half the quantity of your blended oils and pour them into the Pyrex jug. The oil needs to be warm and the water from the pan should be hot. Add 1/4 oz of your liquefied beeswax into the jug. Everything should stay liquid, but if it looks like it's starting to harden, then that means that the pan water is not hot enough.

Put 6 ounces of aloe vera and hydrosol mixture in a blender together with the vitamin E oil and the 15 drops of essential oils. Blend for a few seconds and then slowly pour into the blender the oil and wax mixture. Make sure to pour it in the middle near the center of the blender swirl. When you've finished pouring, your cream should start getting thick. Turn off the blender and mix thoroughly with a spatula. After this, give it another rough mix with the blender.

Your homemade cream is done! Just pour it into glass jars and cover them with lids. Let them sit in the refrigerator for about 3 hours and then you can label these as you please. If kept at the right temperature, this cream can last up to a whole year! Use this cream to moisturize your face every morning and every night.

Rabi Rew is a microbiologist by profession. He however majors in finding solutions to skin related diseases using home made remedies.His research tips has helped many people to get a glowing skin. Visit []home remedies for glowing skin for more tips and also get a free 5 day e-course on the 4 most important nutritional secrets for an effective glowing skin.

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Last updated:November 29, 2014

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